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Einschnitte Juli 2021 24 eng

A nod to the future of surgery

“Incisions and Insights” on endoscopy and robotics in diagnostics and surgery   (Stuttgart / Tübingen) – The workshop series “Incisions and Insights – medtech engineers and medical practitioners live in dialogue” was continued in late...
Dr. Michael Burnet 1 eng

Using your own head and hands to create something new and better

BioGrafie – Dr Michael Burnet, Managing Director Synovo GmbH   (Stuttgart/Tübingen) – Dr Michael Burnet is an entrepreneur, managing director, researcher and inventor who has already set fi...
Teaserbild UMG TZM

AIQNET – overcoming system boundaries in clinics

Charité testing digital interface for intensive care units to support nursing staff

Bild_PM_Mit NOAC schmerzfrei_OP_EN

Pain-free operating at last, with NOAC

(Stuttgart/Wannweil) – Last year, Hellstern medical GmbH, headquartered in Wannweil in the district of Reutlingen, briefly manufactured face visors in order to help doctors and nursing staff in hospitals when supplies of personal protective equi...
Bild_Interview_Immatics_Dominik Maurer

The development of cancer immunotherapy benefits the coronavirus vaccine research – and vice versa

BioRegio STERN interview with Dr. Dominik Maurer, Vice President Immunology at Immatics. The company, now listed on Nasdaq in the US, is a spin-off of the Department of I...
Variolytics measurement in laboratory

Smart manufacturing for biotechnology

Stuttgart start-up Variolytics: analysis platform accelerates drug development


Anatomie 7 EN

Live chat with surgeons at the operating table

Successful premiere - "Incisions and insights" as an online workshop (Stuttgart/Tübingen) - Last January saw the first event in 2021 from the well-known workshop series "Incisions and insights" take place online, due to the pandemic. Hosted b...

“The entire biotech sector is now showing what it’s made of!”

BioRegio STERN conducted an interview with Dr. Rainer Lichtenberger, cofounder and CEO of Atriva Therapeutics GmbH, which recently announced the approval of a phase II trial on COVID-19 patients. Led ...
BioRegioSTERN_Schenke-Layland_3 eng

Bridge builder with cross-border experience

"BioGrafie" series - Prof. Katja Schenke-Layland from the BioRegion STERN (Stuttgart/Reutlingen) - Prof. Katja Schenke-Layland has been the Director of the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen in Reutling...
Six people are standing in the bright corridor of a building and facing the camera.

„Pioneers of cutting-edge healthcare“

AIQNET is a digital ecosystem for using medical data across different sectors and in compliance with data protection regulations. It focuses on using artificial intelligence to structure this data. The Siegfried Weller Institute for Accident Med...
Presse_PI 321_Eichenberg_EN

2021 Biotech Days in Stuttgart on 20 and 21 September

German Biotech Days industry conference postponed due to coronavirus (Stuttgart) - The 2021 Biotech Days (DBT) will be held in Stuttgart on 20 and 21 September 2021. Following the coronavirus-rel...
[DE Copy] A man in a suit stands on a building and holds up the BioRegioSTERN logo.

The new ideas keep on coming

BioGrafie: Dr. Steffen Hüttner from the BioRegion STERN (Stuttgart/Tübingen) - Dr. Steffen Hüttner is a long-distance runner and company founder in Tübingen, Germany. Even in times of a pandemic, the CEO of HB Technologies AG, INTAVIS Bioanal...
A person is holding a tablet, which shows the logo of the BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. The person is presenting in front of a group which is sitting in the background.

A sense for innovation

BioRegio STERN initiates the new international ZIM network "smart analytics" (Stuttgart) - BioRegio STERN Management GmbH has won the tender for another project funded under the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the German Federa...
diagnostic test

Rapid results cure patients and relieve pressure on hospitals

Noscendo GmbH arrives at TTR in Reutlingen with innovative diagnostics platform (Stuttgart/Reutlingen) - Noscendo GmbH recently opened a branch at the Reutlingen site of the Tübingen-Reutlingen Tec...
Logo Prime Vector mit Rand

Start-up from Tübingen joins fight against coronavirus

PRiME Vector Technologies receives seven-figure sum to develop Covid-19 vaccine (Stuttgart/Tübingen) - Newly founded PRiME Vector Technologies GmbH produces highly effective vaccines using an innov...
Illustration of the mechanism of the chewing gum.

A medical connoisseur – the tongue as a sensor for infections

Biotech start-up from Frickenhausen develops chewing gum as test system for bacteria People seeing the doctor normally take their gum out of their mouth first, but if a start-up company from the ST...
A group of people line up for a group picture.

Life sciences SMEs benefit from European cooperation

The European Interreg project Boost4Health is finishing after four years. BioRegio STERN Management GmbH met the project partners in Stuttgart last week to review the results and effects of the collab...
Four people are standing in front of a table with a green surgical drape and an apparatus and talk.

AI and 3D printing are shaping the future of medical technology

BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, partner in the EU S3martMed development project, hosted an international innovation workshop titled "S3martMed needs SmartTech". In live operations at the Institute of ...
Eight persons from the KIKS team as well as State Secretary Dr. Ulrich Nussbaum stand on stage and hold the certificate in front of the camera.

Digital ecosystem – using reliable data for a revolution in healthcare

The 16 partners in the KIKS development project are among the winners of the innovation competition “Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems” staged by the German Fede...
[DE Copy] 3 men sit in armchairs in the operating room of the Clinical Anatomy in Tübingen. Diagonally behind the men is operated on meanwhile.

Live-streamed surgery with heavy metal and AI

The workshop series "Incisions and insights - medtech engineers and medical practitioners in dialogue" continued in July 2019 with "Intelligent permanent implants". During live surgery at the University of Tübingen's Institute of Clinical Anatom...