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Press releases of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH


Potential of blockchain for healthcare

BioRegio STERN Management GmbH is a partner in the new European Interreg project BSTART, which aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from sectors such as healthcare access blockchain technology. Nine partners from five north-west European countries gathered at the Dutch lead partner Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen for ...

Successful German-Danish cooperation in healthcare

ILDA-care Business Case Award honours concepts for living and training in old age. In conjunction with their German project partners, two Danish med-tech companies have been presented with the ILDA-care Business Case Award by BioRegio STERN Managemen...

Green light from BlueLab to continue showering

Tübingen start-up develops automated measuring system for Legionella contamination. BlueLab Wasseranalysesysteme GmbH has developed a fast, automated measuring system to detect Legionella. Installed in the pipework, the ingenious little device generates digital evaluation results. The start-up from Tübingen in the STERN BioRegion has thus devised a...

New instruments for old bones

The workshop series "Incisions and insights - medtech engineers and medical practitioners in dialogue on anatomy" continued in February 2019, focusing on "extremities and the musculoskeletal system". Live-streamed surgery and practical exercises in the operating theatre at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis gave medtech engineers t...

International cooperation strengthens regions

BioRegio STERN – new EU development project S3martMed for the medtech sector


Stricter regulatory framework – act now!

Codex4SMEs – international information event about the EU’s IVDR


New project manager for international research projects

HR news – additional support for the team at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH


Bridge for healthcare technology

Successful ILDA-care delegation trip to the STERN BioRegion with Danish entrepreneurs


High-tech information systems take the place of a note stuck on a lamp

Success story in the “Incisions and insights” workshop series:
Reutlingen University and RZ Medizintechnik develop innovative tablet solution for the operating theatre


Back in the Game‟ app supporting treatment for depression wins at Demo Day 2018

Ideas presented by teams in 100-day MedTech Startup School 2018


Hemiplegic patients using VR glasses to train in virtual worlds

Start-up Rehago develops fun training system for stroke patients


Skilfully networking science and business

During the Science2Start award ceremony held at the BioRegio STERN 2018 summer party, four teams of scientists and entrepreneurs were honoured for their ideas, all of which boast enormous economic potential. First place was awarded to Professor Bernhard Hirt from the University Hospital Tübingen′s Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis for...

Ideas brought to life in Anatomy

Incisions and insights workshop series – “Heart, lungs, thorax”


Danish healthcare system impresses German entrepreneurs

As part of the EU ILDA-care project, a delegation of entrepreneurs and experts from the STERN BioRegion visited the Danish partner region’s Welfare Tech cluster in Odense in June.


High-tech enables nursing staff to spend more time with people

Efficiency in the care sector - new EU ILDA-care project in the STERN BioRegion


Aminolipin protects the living and preserves the dead

4.5 million euros of GO-Bio funding for University Hospital Tübingen project to develop formaldehyde substitute


"Incisions and insights" on the head and throat - medtech engineers and medical practitioners in dialogue

In January 2018, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH joined forces with the Stuttgart and Tübingen Inter-University Centre for Medical Technology (IZST) and the Verein zur För...

EU funding for Proof of Concept clinical study in Stargardt’s disease

Katairo received 6 million euros from the European Commission’s H2020 program


Transnational network for personalised medicine

Launch of Interreg project "Codex4SMEs" on the development of companion diagnostics