Verein zur Förderung der Biotechnologie und Medizintechnik e. V.

BioMedTech e. V.

Promotion of biotechnology in the Stuttgart/Tübingen/Neckar-Alb region


The BioMedTech e. V. (Society for the Promotion of Biotechnology Stuttgart/Tübingen/Neckar-Alb) supports companies and research institutions in the STERN region in order to position the region as an outstanding biotechnology location in the long term. This involves the organisation of events such as the international BioStar Congress, which is held every two years in the STERN region, providing a forum for exchange and discussion for all key players and people interested in the field of regenerative biology.

The Society is focused on linking up companies and institutions in the region. In order to promote networking activities, it organises regular meetings for its 90 members and all other people interested in biotechnology as well as numerous other events. It also publishes the "Biotech Regional" magazine several times a year.

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Working areas Biotechnology, Consultancy, Medicine, Research



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