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Die Corona-Krise ist noch immer das derzeit alles bestimmende Thema.
Aus gegebenem Anlass haben wir uns schweren Herzens dazu entschlossen den BioRegio STERN Sommerempfang und den damit verbundenen Science2Start Ideenwettbewerb in diesem Jahr abzusagen. Wir bedauern diese Entscheidung sehr – sehen uns aber in der Pflicht auf die aktuellen Ereignisse zu reagieren.

Für Ihr Verständnis bedanken wir uns.

Science2Start – ideas competition

In our annual Science2Start-ideas competition young scientists and founders from the Life Sciences sector in the STERN BioRegion are called on to put their business idea to the test. All submitted sketches of ideas are tested for their academic excellence and their economic potential. As a participant you will always receive a professionally sound feedback from the panel of experts. The top three concepts submitted will receive a monetary prize and are honored at a ceremony and in the presence of numerous decision-makers from industry, research, policy and the financial sector.


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The Science2Start award ceremony, held at the BioRegio STERN 2019 summer reception, honoured scientists and entrepreneurs for ideas that boast huge commercial potential. First place went to a team fro...

Skilfully networking science and business

During the Science2Start award ceremony held at the BioRegio STERN 2018 summer party, four teams of scientists and entrepreneurs were honoured for their ideas, all of which boast enormous economic potential. First place was awarded to Professor Bernhard Hirt from the University Hospital Tübingen′s I...

Courageously seizing opportunities – the secret to suc-cess

Science2Start award winners 2017: University Hospital of Tübingen, University of Hohenheim and NMI