Science2Start – ideas competition

As a young scientist or founder from the life sciences sector in the STERN BioRegion, you are asked to put your business idea to the test in our annual Science2Start-ideas competition. All submitted sketches of ideas are checked for their scientific excellence and their economic potential. As a participant, you will always receive individual feedback from the panel of experts. The three best concepts submitted will receive a monetary prize and five lawyer hours for a free initial consulting. They will be honored at a festive ceremony in the presence of numerous decision-makers from industry, research, policy and the financial sector.

Information flyer

In this flyer you will find the most important information about the Science2Start ideas competition (in german)

We look forward to receiving your ideas!


Rahel Bleis, M.Sc. Biology (t.o.)

Technology Transfer Management
+49-159 044 252 71
Technology Transfer Management
Rahel Bleis, M.Sc. Biology (t.o.)

"I completed my Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In my Bachelor's thesis, I dealt with topics from molecular developmental genetics. For my subsequent Master of Science in Technical Biology, I moved to the University of Stuttgart. Parallel to my Master's degree, I gained my first professional experience at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), where I worked on the development of equipment for a new cell isolation method. After my master's thesis in this working group, I joined BioRegio STERN as a technology transfer manager in December 2023. Here I support the transfer of ideas and help as a contact person for questions in the field of life sciences. I would also like to improve networking between companies from different areas and supervise the Science2Start ideas competition."


Turning dreams into companies

(Stuttgart) – This is the 15th time the Science2Start ideas competition has been held. It celebrates the ideas of scientists and start-ups in the STERN BioRegion that are judged to have particular economic potential by a panel of experts. Taking part is well worthwhile – since 2009, over 150 ideas h...

Promising ideas for environmental protection and medical technology

(Stuttgart/Fellbach) – Last Thursday at the “House of Roses” in Fellbach, the Science2Start award ceremony was held as part of the BioRegio STERN summer reception. This is an occasion for recognising ...

“Curiosity is something we all have in common.”

(Stuttgart/Reutlingen) – Last Thursday, the Science2Start award ceremony was held as part of the popular BioRegio STERN summer reception. This is an occa-sion for recognising ideas that scientists and start-up founders have come up with that have economic potential. First place went to “TWYCE” – a g...

3D-printed optical lenses and sustainable bioplastic

Science2Start ideas competition winners from Stuttgart and Tübingen receive their prizes   (Stuttgart) – The winners of the 2021 Science2Start ideas competition were announced yesterday. Due to the ...

Tackling weeds with sugar – more courage for Germany’s entrepreneurs

The Science2Start award ceremony, held at the BioRegio STERN 2019 summer reception, honoured scientists and entrepreneurs for ideas that boast huge commercial potential. First place went to a team fro...

Skilfully networking science and business

During the Science2Start award ceremony held at the BioRegio STERN 2018 summer party, four teams of scientists and entrepreneurs were honoured for their ideas, all of which boast enormous economic potential. First place was awarded to Professor Bernhard Hirt from the University Hospital Tübingen′s I...

Courageously seizing opportunities – the secret to suc-cess

Science2Start award winners 2017: University Hospital of Tübingen, University of Hohenheim and NMI

What the Science2Start award winners say

„Die Auszeichnung von Science2Start hat mich bestärkt und motiviert, die BlueLab-Idee als Startup umzusetzen. Heute arbeitet ein Team aus sieben interdisziplinären Experten an der Entwicklung unserer Technologie mit dem Ziel, baldmöglichst ein erstes Produkt auf den Markt zu bringen.“

- Dr. Michael Jauss, BlueLab Wasseranalysesysteme GmbH, Preisträger beim Science2Start-Ideenwettbewerb 2019

„Der Science2Start Ideenwettbewerb ist ein toller Start für potenzielle Gründer, um wertvolle Kontakte zu knüpfen und Ideen weiterzuentwickeln.“

- Dr. Sven Schnichels Preisträger beim Science2Start-Ideenwettbewerb 2014