Rehabilitation is care that helps people get back or improve abilities necessary for their daily life. The challenge is that such care often lies with the family without much systemic or technological support.

The common challenges tackled by the project can be divided into two dimensions – social and technological:

  • Social: lack of systemic approach or models for rehabilitation of all groups of patients (seniors, patients recovering from stroke/cardiac operations, disabled children, teenagers with spinal degeneration, etc).
  • Technological: lack of common solutions for the MedTech manufacturing industry which require transition to advanced technologies and digitally skilled workforce.

The Rehabilitation Project aims to strengthen support services for SMEs in order to improve access to research and innovation (R&I) in the field of rehabilitation technologies. For this, the project will help MedTech companies to break-through and accelerate the commercialization of their products. The project partners share experiences and good practices to develop a set of policy recommendations to improve the healthcare sector’s innovation governance. In RehAlliance, new technologies will be tested, such as rehabilitation robots or exoskeletons, assistive devices, wearables or telemetric tools.

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Innovating the rehabilitation care system


Contact person

Dr. Klara Altintoprak

Project Management
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Project Management
Dr. Klara Altintoprak

“Throughout my time as a doctoral student and post-doctoral researcher, it was always the interface between basic and applied research in the field of conventional biotechnology and molecular biology that fascinated me most. For instance, my doctoral work dealt with plant viruses that were integrated into hybrid materials as innovative self-assembling nanodevices. For the project planning and implementation of this, I worked in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and physicists. My post-doctorate work also focussed on cooperation with various regional and international partners. In addition, I continued training in the GMP-regulated environment, which means I have an excellent grasp of the standard guidelines and tools involved in quality and project management. I started working at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH as a project manager in October 2018, where I assist the team in implementing EU development projects. What I find particularly interesting in this context is the EU-wide networking of SMEs from the life sciences sector and the development of new technologies.”