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The University Hospital Tuebingen is one of the leading centres of German university medicine. As one of 35 University Hospitals in Germany, it contributes to a successful combination of top-level medicine, research, and teaching.
More than 400,000 in- and outpatients from around the world benefit from this connection of science and practice each year, since the clinics, institutes, and centres unite specialists from all fields under one roof. Its experts collaborate across disciplines and offer state-of-the-art research-based treatment to all patients. The University Hospital does research to improve diagnostics, therapies, and healing processes. Many new cutting-edge treatments are clinically tested and applied in Tuebingen.

Neurosciences, Oncology and Immunology, Infection Biology, Vascular Medicine and Diabetes are focus areas of research at the University Hospital and the Medical Faculty Tuebingen. They are a reliable partner in four of the six German Centres for Health Research (DZG) created by the Federal Government

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