Zentrum für Klinische Studien ZKS Tübingen

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

Centre for healthcare, science and education

The University Hospital of Tübingen has established itself as a leading centre of German university medicine. The German Science Council has attested the Hospital and the Medical School’s outstanding achievements in research, education and healthcare as well as its role as a pacemaker for university medicine in Germany.
As a hospital offering maximum medical care and with a catchment area extending from the Mittlerer Neckar metropolitan region to Lake Constance, Tübingen University Hospital is known beyond its regional borders and functions as a district hospital for the city and district of Tübingen. Since January 1998, the Hospital has been a public-law institution with a board of directors and a supervisory board.



Activity Biotechnology, Research, Medicine, Universities


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Bamberg, Managing Medical Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors
Gabriele Sonntag, Commercial Director and Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt, Deputy Managing Medical Director
Prof. Dr. med. Ingo B. Autenrieth, Dean of the Medical Faculty
Klaus Tischler, Director of Nursing

Year of foundation



ca. 9000



First specific drug therapy for a severe early form of epilepsy

Epilepsy comes in a variety of forms. Those affected by a genetically determined variety have severe epileptic seizures as early as the first year of life. The disease is…