University Hospital Tübingen / c.ATG genomics core facility

c.ATG: a competence center for genomics, your partner for transcritomics and genomics research service

The c.ATG is located at the Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, in the Institute of Human Genetics and Applied Genomics and is focused on the development of genomic services to enable the future of diagnostics.

In 2015, the service provider MFT Services (founded in 2001) and the Core Unit for Applied Genomics Tübingen (founded in 2008) were merged in the c.ATG. In 2018, c.ATG wase funded as one of four NGS competence centers founded by the German Research Foundation under the name "NGS Competence Center Tübingen" (NCCT).

Our team is developing methods for NGS and long-read sequencing. Beyond our standard and automatized workflows using classical DNA and RNA input, we also propose smaller scale solutions for single-cell, low-input material or degraded samples for a variety of organisms.

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