biohymed – the collaborative network setting a trend for the future

A successful result – 14 research and development projects worth a total of 9 million euros have been approved

(Stuttgart/Tübingen) – From April 2017 to May 2020, funding to set up the “biohymed” collaborative network was provided under the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) run by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, in cooperation with universities, hospitals and scientific institutes in the region, in addition to SMEs, specifically set about promoting the development of new biohybrid products and techniques within the field of medical technology. The project, which ran for three years, resulted in the creation of an active ZIM collaborative network comprising 22 companies and 14 research institutes. In October 2021, pantaQ was the 14th and final biohymed project to receive funding approval. This means the research and development projects are now worth in excess of nine million euros altogether. The funding is being used to link up expertise within the STERN BioRegion and get pioneering developments off the ground.

All biohymed partners have been offered ideal conditions for innovative research and development projects. At the start of the funding phase, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH facilitated the initiation of joint projects by organising networking and matching events in addition to round-table discussions. As the project progressed, the participating companies and research institutes were given support to prepare their applications. A total of 14 biohymed projects are being funded and their innovative developments supported right through to market launch. The biohymed network has thus established itself as a successful model. The four projects described elow are the most recent ones to have been approved.

Recording of different knee positions on a bicycle.

SensoBike: The knee flexion angle is an important reference point for the intelligent training feedback system of SensoBike.

Copyright: HB Technologies GmbH
five people stand next to each other in front of a system.

KI-BeProdPlan: Christian Seifried, Daniel Weishaar, Max Heinzler, Volker Faulhaber, and Prof. Dr. Uwe Hack (from left) visit the production facilities at pilot customer Rothaus.

Copyright: macs Software GmbH
Bird's-eye view of a fitness course with different devices and people who use them.

BiomTraining BioFit: While study participants exercise their strength, mobility, and endurance with electronic support at MAPET, the effects on their microbiomes are being measured.

Copyright: Fitness-Park Mapet GmbH

Looking back on the past four and a half years, Dr. Verena Grimm, Project Leader at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, is very positive about biohymed: “The collaborative network has brought funding in excess of five million euros into the region and given rise to 14 collaborative partnerships, which have given the companies involved a technological advantage.” Project Manager Nina Zabel adds that, “for some companies, biohymed has been something of a trendsetter in the life sciences sector. Their first contact with the life sciences left them wanting more and encouraged them to remain active in this field.”

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