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NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen

Applied Research and Development at the Interface of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences


The NMI is a member of the Innovation Alliance Baden-Württemberg. It is involved in application-oriented research at the interface between the life sciences and material science. An interdisciplinary team of scientists is developing new technologies for companies and public research sponsors in the areas of pharma and biotechnology, biomedical technology, and surface and materials technology.

Our commitment, professionalism and flexibility are visible in all areas of our work. We manage projects from start to finish – from the planning stage, through to evaluation if required. Our portfolio also includes subprojects and individual services such as consulting, technology assessment, applying for funding, and conceptual planning and coordination of projects. We also offer accredited testing services.

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Working areas Analytics, Life Science, Research, Development, Medical products
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Representative, nationwide corona antibody study starts in Reutlingen

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