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Digital ecosystem for customized patient care of the future

In order to guarantee the best possible therapy for patients, medical products must be constantly improved. Therefore, a nationwide project was launched in 2020. The project KIKS aims to develop a digital ecosystem for medical data - AIQNET.

Why did a global player like Aesculap decide to support a digital ecosystem like AIQNET? What are the advantages?

Dr. Ina Wüstefeld: Artificial intelligence is a key technology of high strategic importance. Especially for Aesculap, an innovative medical technology company, it is important to use this technology in areas such as product safety, clinical benefit, production, research and development and to continuously advance it. Hereby, the project plays a significant role in order to focus more on  customers and patients. AIQNET offers not only direct economic advantages like more efficient and faster data collection, but also long-term partnerships with customers and service providers.

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The interview was conducted by Eva Botzenhart-Eggstein

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