Zentrum für Quantitative Biologie (QBiC)

Zentrum für Quantitative Biologie (QBiC)

The Quantitative Biology Center provides access to emerging, data-intense technologies in the Life Sciences. The Center aims at supporting high-throughput quantitative biology experiments from the experimental design to the data analysis and long-term archiving of huge datasets

Research in medicine and the life sciences produce increasingly huge amounts of primary data. In particular, these data sets are produced in genome sequecing experiments, as well as in transcriptome, metabolome and proteome-wide experiments. These technologies are summarized as OMICS technologies. While the technolgy is getting cheaper and the time for data acquisition is getting shorter, data management, high-performance computing as well as bioinformatics are currently becoming a major component and contribute increasingly to the overall cost of such experiments.

Through a central IT infrastructure, strong collaborations with experts of the individual technologies and a team of bioinformaticians, QBiC provides a one-stop-shop for high-throughput technologies. The entire workflow includes experimental design, data acquisition, data processing, - analysis and - archiving. The integration of different, and often very heterogeneous data sets, is realized through the platfrom established at QBiC.

Since August 2012 QBiC is being established as a service provider for bioinformatics and OMICS techologies. It can be found on the Natural Science campus of the University of Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 10.

All services can be requested through our website. We encourage all scientist that interested in our technology to get in contact with us.
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