Zentrum für Quantitative Biologie (QBiC)

Zentrum für Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen ZMBP

Plant molecular biology

Ever since its foundation in May 1999 as an interfaculty and interdisciplinary research priority within the Faculties of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Tübingen, the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology has occupied a leading international position in the research and education of young scientists.

This is evident from the large number of publications in leading scientific journals, comprehensive third-party funding, strong involvement in national and international research associations and the excellent evaluation by an independent scientific advisory board. In addition, over the last eight years, more than 20 ZMBP scientists have been appointed professors at German and international institutions. This is also clear evidence of the stimulating research environment at the ZMBP.

Flat hierarchies, global budget, independent research and technological support from the ZMBP’s central service institutions provide junior researchers and group leaders optimal conditions to work and research in 16 independent groups of researchers. This modern structure, continuous technological development and quality control by the scientific advisory board ensure the international competitiveness and scientific excellence of the ZMBP.

Together with the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the University of Hohenheim, the ZMBP has initiated the "RegioPlantScience" research consortium with the goal of more effectively coordinating research and education in the field of plant sciences in the region.