Virex GmbH

Virex GmbH

Development of the Virex medical device for fast pasteurisation of breast milk

In cooperation with the Institute for Medical Virology of the University Hospital Tübingen and the Neonatology Department of the University Children’s Hospital Tübingen, Klaus Lauf (Klaus Lauf Medizintechnik und Sonderbau), precision engineering expert by profession, succeeded in developing a device which kills all herpes viruses (HCMV) in breast milk within 90 seconds. The HCM virus, which is transmitted through breast milk, poses a particularly serious risk for premature babies (< 30th week of pregnancy and < 1000 grams). A patent specification has been submitted for Virex and this has already been confirmed for Europe (European Patent 00 935 139.6-2114).


Medical technology

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