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The analyzers from Variolytics can be perfectly adapted to your individual measuring task. They are equipped with reliable quadrupole mass spectrometers. Thus they are ideally suited for process integration and can measure continuously without disturbing the process. The Vario one. is our liquid analyzer and is designed for measurements of volatile substances directly from liquids. The Vario two. is the big brother of the Vario one. Due to its second inlet, the instrument allows simultaneous measurements from the liquid and gas phase. All Variolytics instruments are designed for process integration and provide continuous real-time measurement data. By means of extensions to the inlet system, even several processes can be monitored simultaneously. With the help of our software, Vario OS, any measured values can be easily evaluated and transmitted to control systems.

Category Biotechnology
Working areas Analytics, Device/Machine construction, Big Data, Biotechnology, Life Science
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