Together for a sustainable future: travelling with politicians and business promoters to innovative companies in the Stuttgart Region

At the invitation of Dr Klaus Eichenberg, Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, Andreas Schwarz, Chairman of the Green Party parliamentary group in the state parliament, Dr Alexander Lahl, Regional Director of the Stuttgart Region, Michael Kaiser, Managing Director of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Dr Thorsten Pilgrim, Vice President of the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Dr Susanne Herre, Managing Director of the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce, visited innovative companies and institutions that are attracting attention with pioneering technologies and products in the life sciences on 22 January. The aim of this tour through the Stuttgart Region was not only to present novel solutions, but also to take concrete steps together to promote sustainable innovation.

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Group photo of the delegation visiting the Möhringen wastewater treatment plant with Variolytics technology. From left to right: Rahel Bleis (Technology Transfer Management BioRegio STERN Management GmbH), Dr. Thorsten Pilgrim (Vice President IHK Region Stuttgart), Dr. Alexander Lahl (Regional Director Region Stuttgart), Dr. Susanne Herre (Managing Director IHK Region Stuttgart), Andreas Schwarz (Member of the State Parliament, Chairman of the State Parliament), Dr. Matthias Stier (Managing Director Variolytics GmbH), Dr. Klaus Eichenberg (Managing Director BioRegio STERN Management GmbH), Michael Kaiser, (Managing Director Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation)

Copyright: Max Kovalenko/BioRegio STERN Management GmbH

Variolytics: Climate-friendly solutions for wastewater treatment plants

The first stop took the delegation to Variolytics, a company that specialises in the manufacture of analysers and measuring systems for wastewater treatment plants. The focus here was on solutions that not only enable the monitoring and optimisation of processes, but also reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions. This contributes to achieving climate targets as well as saving energy costs and chemicals. The representatives of the delegation showed great interest in bringing these solutions to the municipalities of the Stuttgart region in order to contribute to environmental protection at a local level.

Dispendix: Precise dispensing in the nanolitre range

Dispendix, a company that emerged from the Fraunhofer Institute IPA, focused on devices for contactless dispensing in the nanolitre range. The "Immediate Drop on Demand Technology" (IDOT) enables precise dosing both in high-throughput screening and in academic research. The delegation was impressed by the innovative strength and scalability of this technology, which enables a wide range of applications in research and industry.

Fraunhofer IPA: Top performance in laboratory automation and bioproduction technology

The visit concluded with a visit to the "Laboratory Automation and Bioproduction Technology" department at Fraunhofer IPA. Significant advances in the development of automation solutions in the life sciences were presented here. By combining its own key solutions with gold standard components, the interdisciplinary team is setting new standards in terms of quality, reliability and flexibility. The close co-operation between biology, software development and hardware development enables Fraunhofer IPA to respond to the individual requirements of the industry.

Tour of the Laboratory Automation and Bioproduction Technology department at Fraunhofer IPA with Andreas Traube (head of department)
Copyright: Rahel Bleis/ BioRegio STERN Management GmbH

Joint discussion and outlook for the future

The entrepreneurs took the opportunity to express their challenges and wishes to politicians and regional decision-makers. Solutions were discussed, ideas exchanged and the course set.

Overall, this visit illustrates not only the innovative strength of companies in the Stuttgart region, but also the commitment of all stakeholders to promoting quality of life and sustainability in the region.

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