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Intelligent systems for a sustainable society

The University of Stuttgart, founded in 1829, is a leading technical university, which enjoys a worldwide reputation thanks to its vision of “Intelligent systems for a sustainable society”. As a university at the center of a region which is both an economic powerhouse and which has the cultural power to integrate, it sees itself as a hub for academic and non-academic industrial research, as well as a guarantor of holistic, research-oriented teaching with a focus on quality. The Stuttgart Way is all about consistent interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences based on top-level research in the various disciplines.

Its pre-eminent position as a research university is particularly reflected in its successful results in the excellence strategy to strengthen top-level research in Germany. As a consequence of this demanding competition, two projects were awarded funding, the Clusters of Excellence “Data-integrated simulation science” and “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture”. Other beacons include the research campus ARENA2036, its participation in the Cybervalley network as well as countless other special research areas and graduate programs. Simulation science, production technologies, quantum technologies, digital humanities as well as the topics of adaptive building, biomedical systems and autonomous systems stand out as particular highlights in the University of Stuttgart's research program.

The roughly 24,000 students have more than 140 courses to choose from, including a number of international master’s courses and double degree programs. There are also a number of professional development activities, including online master’s courses for employed people.

The University of Stuttgart is spread over two sites, the Downtown and Vaihingen campuses. The university is interconnected in a number of ways with institutes from the Fraunhofer Society, the Max Planck Society, the German Aerospace Center as well as the Stuttgart Media University, which are also based at the Vaihingen Campus.

Driving force behind industry and the economy
As one of the universities which gets the most external funding in Germany, the University of Stuttgart also acts as a powerful engine for the economy and society in the Stuttgart region and beyond. It has close contacts with a lot of medium-sized and large industrial and business enterprises.

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