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As preclinical R&D company, Prime Vector Technologies GmbH develops first-class vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer in humans and animals.

Prime Vector Technologies GmbH (PVT) develops innovative next-generation vaccines based on a virus vector platform technology and was spun-off from the Department of Immunology at the University of Tübingen in 2019. According to the plug-and-play principle, vaccines can be designed, developed and manufactured very quickly. In addition to the very short development time and stability at higher temperatures, the advantages of the platform include the possibility of simultaneous expression of several transgenes by a single vector (multivalency) and the absence of neutralizing antibodies against the vector itself. In this way, our vaccines can be administered effectively to the same individuals several times to elicit long-lasting pathogen-specific cellular and humoral immune responses. The versatility of our vaccine platform enables the development of both human and veterinary prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines and is therefore ideally suited to meet the need for effective vaccines. In addition, individualized vaccines can also be developed inexpensively and quickly.

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