Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Ovesco Endoscopy AG

The Ovesco Endoscopy AG is a medical technology company that develops, produces and globally distributes innovative clipping systems for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Ovesco Endoscopy AG develops, produces and distributes instruments for the treatment of diseases in the digestive tract. Their trademark are innovative endoscopic clipping systems. The first platform product was the OTSC® System for the treatment of gastrointestinal bleedings and wall defects (perforations/fistulas). The superelastic nitinol clip allows a dynamic and thus particularly effective compression of the tissue. Based on this clip technology, further products were developed for a wide range of applications. The OTSC® Proctology for the closure of anorectal fistulas and the ES Dissect line for optimized dissection functions in endoscopic tissue removal (EMR, ESD). The FTRD® System allows endoscopic full-thickness resection of lesions in the colon and rectum, and the remOVE System allows the endoscopic removal of OTSC® and FTRD® clips. In more than 70 countries around the world, patients are treated with the Ovesco products and since the foundation of Ovesco Endoscopy USA Inc. in 2010 the US market can also be successfully developed. Intensive cooperations exist with various medical and technical institutions/clinics in Germany and around the world.


Medical technology

Activity Surgery, Diagnostic, Health, Medical Products, Therapy


Prof. Dr. med. Marc O. Schurr, Member of the Executive Board
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gottwald, Member of the Executive Board
Johan Ceuppens, Commercial Director
Dipl.-Ing. Chi-Nghia Ho, Vice President Therapeutic Devices
Dr. sc. hum. Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schostek, Vice President Diagnostic Systems
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gunnar Anhöck, Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics

Year of foundation



ca. 70

Supervisory board

Frank Ramsperger (chairman of the board)
Hansjörg Bürk
Peter Greiser


third-party funding, shareholders, revenues


EN ISO 13485:2003 und EN ISO 9001:2000 certification



OTSC®: Systematic review confirms 85.2 % clinical success rate and 1 % adverse events in the management of iatrogenic GI perforations

A systematic review of studies evaluating OTSC application for repair of iatrogenic perforations identified 12 studies with overall 191 patients. Pooled proportion analysis…


OTSC® vs surgery in scope-induced duodenal perforations: Retrospective comparison study shows superiority of the OTSC regarding morbidity and mortality

The retrospective analysis included overall 20 patients with type I duodenal perforation. 8 patients were treated with OTSC and 12 by surgery. Baseline parameters and perforation…


HemoPill® acute: multicentric retrospective study shows promising results in clinical routine

The use of the HemoPill acute demonstrated its ability to reliably detect or exclude bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract.


FTRD®: hybrid technique combining EMR and EFTR permits resection of large polyps

65 consecutive patients underwent EFTR of colorectal lesions, either via stand-alone EFTR (lesions <2 cm in size but not amenable to standard EMR; n = 38 lesions) or hybrid…