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Platform for electrophysiological cell and tissue assays for in vivo drug screening

Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH, since 2014 a division of Harvard Bioscience Inc., focuses on the development of high-tech measuring instruments and equipment in the field of electrophysiology for research groups at universities and the pharmaceutical industry. The company develops, produces and markets solutions for extracellular recordings with microelectrode arrays in vitro and in vivo as well as for electrical stimulation. In addition, the company offers devices for the automatic injection and intracellular recording of oocyte ion channels. Because of their modular principle, MCS GmbH’s products can be extended and adjusted to specific experimental needs.

The company’s goals are to develop products that are focused on its customers’ specific needs and applications and to apply innovative technologies. Developing products designed according to client requirements requires a development process that is close to scientific application. The company’s staff is experienced in research and knows what it is like to work in a lab environment, and is thus able to develop products that correspond to the high demands of scientific work.

Together with its distribution partners, Multi Channel Systems serves laboratories, research institutions and the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. Over 25 years of experience and an international distribution network make MCS the global market leader in the field of non-clinical electrophysiology with microelectrode arrays.

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