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The Biotechnological Vocational College offers a two-year training for the job of a biotechnological lab assistant.

Our intention is to get and improve skills together in a future-oriented and cooperative manner to prepare the trainees for the demands of the job market.

The Landwirtschaftliche Schule Hohenheim offers a vocational college where students are educated to become biotechnological laboratory assistants. This is a state-approved job title. During a two-year full-time course they attend theory lessons with a stress on scientific subjects like microbiology, biotechnology, and molecular biology. Half of their lessons are lab lessons either in our school labs or in industrial or university labs. We very much appreciate and practise a close cooperation with our partners in both private companies and state institutions like universities or state-run laboratories e.g. in the health sector or forensics or food control. The classrooms and specialist rooms are equipped accordingly. This also includes research laboratories of Genetic Engineering Level 1.

Our target group are students who are interested in science of today and the future. We also offer voluntary lessons for students who later want to go to university and require a higher qualification for their enrolment (Fachhochschulreife).

At the Landwirtschaftliche Schule Hohenheim up to 48 students can become biotechnological laboratory assistant each year. In addition, there are a vocational school for gardeners and florists with 500 students and 40 teachers. The school has four different locations, which are all in the South of Stuttgart and can be easily reached by public transport. The LSH is financed by the City of Stuttgart, which means there are no school fees.

Category Biotechnology
Working areas Education/ school, Biotechnology, Life Science, Food, Microorganisms
Year of foundation
40 teachers und 80 students