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At IntegraSkin we combine our OMIC technologies and AI to identify disease mechanisms and optimal therapy in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory skin conditions.


At IntegraSkin GmbH we are one step ahead in AI for personalized medicine in dermatology.

What we do:

1. Personalized skin and blood analysis of patients suffering from chronic inflammatory skin diseases (CISC), such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, urticaria and melanoma, among others.
2. Disease discovery for drug testing or repurposing: Using our repository of patient molecular data, we identify subphenotypes or endotypes of CISC patients who could benefit from a new drug candidate or an already approved drug for a different disease.  

How we do it:

By combining OMIC technologies and our AI pipeline, we identify disease mechanisms and optimal therapeutic approaches in each patient. Our OMIC technology generates high-throughput data from microcompartmentalization of a small skin sample, allowing us to generate deep neural network (DNN) algorithms robustly trained to identify disease mechanisms in each patient. These results are then compared with all available scientific literature using our natural language processing (NLP) system, which helps us to tailor the optimal therapeutic approach on a patient-by-patient basis. Finally, we perform proof-of-principle in vitro assays to validate the optimal therapeutic approach predicted by our AI pipeline.

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