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Institut für Bioverfahrenstechnik

Development of bioprocesses with microbial producers and mammalian cells in laboratory scale

The Institute of Bioprocess Engineering at the University of Stuttgart is specialized in developing bio-microbial producers and mammalian cells in laboratory scale. Essentially a combination of systems biology, metabolic engineering and synthetic-biological approaches are followed for an efficient bioprocess. The important criterion that applies here is that intracellular processes are quantified and understood. The interaction of cells with the process and its transferability to production scale are at the forefront of appropriate studies. Therefore, the research activities in the Institute are based on fundamentals-oriented research and are aligned to bilateral cooperation with industrial partners. The developed bioprocesses are applicable in the field of white (industrial) and red (biopharmaceutical) productions.



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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Takors

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Universität, Drittmittel