Hot Screen GmbH

HOT Screen GmbH

Contract research for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry

The effects of substances are checked on the human immune systems under in vitro conditions similar to those in vivo.
HOT Screes GmbH, acquired by Rules Based Medicine Rules, Inc. (RBM), a leading multiplexed biomarker testing laboratory for the life sciences industry in October 2007, offers commissioned research in the field of immunopharmacology, immunotoxicology and cell biology, together with commissioned development work and the validation of customised cell culture systems, but also immunoassays of all kinds. One key area of focus in the field of pharmacological assays is substance screening and the profiling (= characterisation) of active agents on a testing platform involving human, organotypical test cultures (HOT Screening and HOT Profiling). These permit a very complete picture of the main and side effects of active agents to be built up in vitro in a way that has never before been possible. This means that, from a series of comparable leads or drug candidates, the active compounds that demonstrate the most advantageous spectrum of effectiveness and the lowest probability of unwanted side effects can be specifically selected for further development or the clinical testing phase. For clinical trials, HOT Screen GmbH has also developed a patented method that enables functional tests on the human immune system to be carried out at very low cost with hitherto unparalleled levels of reliability and sensitivity. The firm’s portfolio of services also includes the drafting of development plans, testing outlines and plans for clinical trials compliant with the German Drug Law (AMG), GCP etc., the creation of pharmacological-toxicological expert reports, medical writing, consulting in the context of immunological research and the coordination of accompanying experiments. The cellular tests carried out by HOT Screen GmbH can be designed for use in pharmacological, toxicological or compatibility investigations

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Working areas Biomaterials, Life Science, Services, Research, Medical products
Year of foundation
1996 (EDI GmbH), 2014: HOT Screen GmbH