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Human and technology in the digital world of work


Human and technology in the digital world of work
Digital technologies are transforming the working world with profound effects on business and society. Digitalization modernizes and revolutionizes long-established practices and processes in the blink of an eye. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO works together with companies and public-sector bodies and institutions to develop strategies, business models and solutions for digital transformation.

In its center for applied science research, the Fraunhofer IAO focuses on the following key areas

  • Holistic approaches to work design and organization and corporate cultures
  • Pioneering solutions for human-machine interaction
  • Development and implementation of innovation and technology strategies
  • Application of virtual and augmented reality
  • Cognitive systems and artificial intelligence
  • Sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s mobility
  • System innovations for livable and adaptable cities

The Fraunhofer IAO's goal is to systematically optimize the ways in which people, organizations and technology interact.
Working together with large corporations as well as SMEs, the Fraunhofer IAO taps into the potential of new technologies such as cognitive computing, blockchain, autonomous driving and IoT platforms and applies it to product innovations, process improvements and new business models. In doing so, the Fraunhofer IAO enables its customers to quickly and efficiently align the potential offered by new technologies with market requirements and leverage this potential for their own products and processes. The interdisciplinary research teams seek to provide the best possible support to people in their jobs by developing solutions for efficient human-machine interaction.
The Fraunhofer IAO's clients range from major corporations and SMEs to public sector bodies and institutions.

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