Consulting and Training on Corporate Finance

CROWD NINE has been offering advisory services to solo entrepreneurs and large corporations alike on entrepreneurship, finance and digitalization.

FINANCE - We support entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses on various topics in corporate finance. Our approach: we first analyse the business model and potential capital sources, then we create a financing concept together with our client. In the process, we support our clients ranging from the creation of pitch decks to assisting directly in meetings with potential investors. As we are listed in numerous financing programmes, we can integrate public financing sources into our offering.

INNOVATION - Due to our intensive cooperation with start-ups in the past, we have become knowledgeable in diverse start-up methods like business model design, design thinking, effectuation, lean startup or value proposition design. We support investors and corporates in startup scouting and innovation management. We use "sprint weeks" and innovation labs to foster innovative thinking in our client organisations. Additionally, we use "mockup apps" for digital business models that enable a rapid, step-by-step testing approach without risking overly high initial costs. Are you interested in further information? Please contact us by e-mail: info(at)

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Working areas Financing, Consultancy
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