Cenata GmbH

Cenata GmbH

Cenata is performing a non-invasive prenatal screening test for chromosomal disorders.

Cenata GmbH is a medically-led diagnostic laboratory, which performs genetic tests on genetic material of the unborn child from the mother's blood. This becomes possible by using the “Harmony Prenatal Test”. This test was developed by Ariosa Diagnostics and has proven its high diagnostic accuracy in numerous published studies. Cenata was the worldwide first lab that produces the Harmony Test outside the US and is fully acknowledged as Harmony Test lab by Ariosa Diagnostics since 2015. A mother’s blood contains both her own genetic information as well as that of her child, even in the early phases of pregnancy. This so-called “cell-free fetal DNA” (cffDNA) can now be tested for the presence of chromosomal disorders in the unborn child (e.g. trisomies) by means of a simple blood test for the mother without the need for - as before - an amniotic fluid or tissue sample.

Due to the specific proprietary test design the Harmony test has an extraordinarily high detection rate and in addition a very low false-positive rate. The test can be performed from week 10+0 of the pregnancy and allows the detection of the most common numerical chromosomal disorders (trisomies 21, 18, 13) as well as X- and Y-chromosomal disorders.

Cenata comprises a team of qualified doctors, including specialists in human genetics, laboratory medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, for diagnosis and counseling.

Cenata is available as a partner in all matters relating to genetic prenatal diagnosis, to non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and interpreting the Harmony Tests.

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