biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH

biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH

Research, development and sales of highly effective drugs with only few side effects and based on molecular biological knowledge

biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company with nearly 75 employees in Germany and offices in Liechtenstein, Austria and the USA, which developes and sells its own products on a large scale. As a family business rooted in Germany, biosyn is already at home in many parts of the world with its products.

The product range includes 30 products ranging from biotechnologically derived drugs to chemotherapeutic agents to complementary medicines and dietary supplements with a focus on intensive care and oncology. Especially cancer patients and intensive care physicians rely on the preparations from Fellbach. Thus the selenium therapy became a valuable extension of the standard therapy which is still often fatal sepsis in intensive care. From the serum of a California marine snail, the company has been developing a growing demand carrier (KLH) for modern vaccines.

Since 1984, the founding year of the biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH, the human being as a whole is the focus. biosyn is a pioneer in holistic medicine especially in the field of oncology and immune recovery. Thus a wide range of preparations has been developed which helps seriously ill patients today in their crisis, to strengthen their immune systems as well as to support the healthy in their post-treatment phase to remain healthy.



Activity Nutrition, Health, Medicine, Oncology, Pharmacy, Therapy


Dr. Thomas Stiefel (Managing Director)
Ortwin Kottwitz (Managing Director)

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biosyn’s laboratories in Fellbach are GMP-certified