AHF analysentechnik AG

AHF analysentechnik AG

Custom-made products for plasma-emission-spectroscopy

In 1981 Helmut Feuerbacher founded AHF analysentechnik as an engineering office specialized on custom-made products for plasma-emission-spectroscopy. Since its founding AHF has won numerous additional business fields. In 1999 AHF was incorporated as AHF analysentechnik AG. AHF focuses on the production and distribution of products in the following three core business fields:

Optical filters for Raman, fluorescence and laser spectroscopy Sample introduction components and consumables for plasma spectroscopy (ICP-MS, ICP-OES accessories) High purity PFA labware for ultra trace analysis


Medical technology

Activity Analytic, Technology


Helmut Feuerbacher

Year of foundation



Optische Filter und Zubehör für Raman-, Fluoreszenz- und Laserspektroskopie, Probeneinbringung für die Plasma-Spektroskopie (ICP-MS, ICP-OES), Hochreine PFA Laborbehälter für die Spurenanalytik