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Insilico Biotechnology, Ajinomoto and Ajinomoto Genexine join forces to offer smart bioprocess development solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry

(Singapore/Tokyo/Incheon) – Insilico Biotechnology Pte. Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., Inc., and Ajinomoto Genexine Co., Ltd., sign an agreement to accelerate and improve process development and production of biologics using Digital Twin technology.

Ajinomoto and its subsidiary company, Ajinomoto Genexine, reached an agreement with Insilico to offer smart bioprocess development solutions to their customers. The joint offering aims to accelerate and improve the development of cell culture processes with the use of Digital Twins technology from Insilico and cell-culture media platform from Ajinomoto. The Digital Twins of bioreactors enable virtual experiments and expedite optimization of cell culture media and processes.

Klaus Mauch, the CEO of Insilico says “We have found a wonderful partner in Ajinomoto. Their strength is in developing and producing quality media quickly, whereas our strength lies in fast and superior optimization of media compositions including the feeding strategy. Together, we can offer rapid process development to existing and new customers.”

Ajinomoto is the world’s largest producer of amino acids, the major ingredients in cell culture media. Ajinomoto Genexine serves the biomanufacturing hotspot of Incheon in South Korea for its cell culture media needs.

Through this collaboration, Ajinomoto Genexine expects to meet the rising demand they foresee in the region. Yuta Nakai, the president of Ajinomoto Genexine says “Biomanufacturing in the APAC region has unique needs. Aggressive timelines are one aspect. With Insilico’s Digital Twins plugged into our high-quality media development technology, we aim to shorten timelines by up to 50%. We will continue to fine tune our offerings based on our customers’ voice.”

Insilico, a pioneer in developing Digital Twins for biomanufacturing, expects this collaboration to deepen its services in the region. Dr. Shilpa Nargund, the director of Insilico’s APAC operations says “This collaboration excites me because it makes digitalization accessible to a larger number of customers in the APAC region. The Digital Twins ability to virtually screen media together with Ajinomoto’s quick turnaround on media production give customers the option to test tailored media for their cell lines and clones.”

About Insilico
Insilico Biotechnology AG develops and delivers predictive Digital Twins to advance biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing. Insilico Digital Twins of cell culture processes lead to superior productivity, product quality and process robustness. Ground breaking predictive power is achieved by exploiting process data using artificial intelligence and biochemical networks. As a result, Insilco’s unique approach substantially reduces experimental effort, costs of goods and time to market. Leading biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use Insilico Digital Twins for cell line development, media design and process control. Founded in 2001, Insilico Biotechnology is a privately held company based in Stuttgart, Germany.

About Ajinomoto
The Ajinomoto Group, using the power of amino acids, aims to provide food and health-related solutions that improve dietary habits and support aging populations, and create greater wellness for people all around the world. Based on the corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well.”, The Ajinomoto Group has been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids to aim for future growth by creating new value through sustainable and innovative solutions for communities and society. The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. In fiscal 2020, sales were 1.1000 trillion yen (10.1 billion U.S. dollars)

About Ajinomoto Genexine
Ajinomoto Genexine, located in South Korea, provides animal cell culture media products and related services such as media screening, bio process optimization, media optimization and contract manufacture of media.
Ajinomoto Genexine has a mission to contribute to medical development and better lives by supplying cell culture media, and provides customized manufacturing services for powder formulations according to customers’ needs, from specifically-customized amino acid mixture supplements to bulk production of commercial growth and feed media in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).