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Lithuanian ambassador visits BioRegio STERN

A good start for future cooperation was today's meeting of the Lithuanian Ambassador Ramūnas Misiulis and the Lithuanian Economic Attachée Lina Gudelionytė-Gylienė with the Managing Director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH Dr. Klaus Eichenberg.

Litauischer Botschafer und KE en

Dr. Klaus Eichenberg (left) and Ambassador Ramūnas Misiulis (right)

Copyright: Leif Piechowski/ BioRegio STERN

With the aim of further economic and political rapprochement between the Republic of Lithuania and the State of Baden-Württemberg, today's meeting between Ramūnas Misiulis and Dr. Klaus Eichenberg mediated by the specialist consultant of the IHK, Thomas Bittner. After all, the cooperation with the Lithuanian life sciences industry has great potential. This industry has seen significant growth in Lithuania in recent years. The area should grow even more in the future - and strong Europe-wide partnerships will help. BioRegio STERN Management GmbH can already look back on many successful European partnerships, is still active in European networking and is always open to new partnerships. In the future, valuable cooperation will certainly also develop with Lithuanian industry representatives from the life sciences.

Today's meeting showed that there is a desire for stronger international exchange on an academic and economic level. Among other things, Lithuania is to be more closely networked and integrated. In order to fully exploit its economic potential, interfaces in the life sciences area are identified. Thus, Lithuania is regarded as an industry leader in laser technology, which is of great importance for medical technology.

Gruppenbild litauischer Botschafter en

f.l.t.r. Thomas Bittner, Dr. Klara Altintoprak, Dr. Klaus Eichenberg, Lina Gudelionytė-Gylienė, Ambassador Ramūnas Misiulis

Copyright: Leif Piechowski/ BioRegio STERN
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