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We let natural sun light - filtered from harmful rays - through special glass into rooms for healthy living and working spaces, as well as for plant growth.

The company has developed a globally unique key technology for the selective filtration and regulation of optical radiation.
This pioneering glass innovation enables the optimal use of free, CO2-neutral, but highly energetic natural sunlight. The biopositive energy of the sun is used in a targeted manner, while harmful rays are effectively blocked or filtered out.
The sunlight transmitted through the worldwide unique special glass can unfold its photobiological effectiveness and, for example, trigger the formation of the vital and endogenous vitamin D in humans, inactivate dangerous bacteria and viruses (also the SARS-CoV-2), positively influence the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. This is becoming increasingly important as people spend more and more time indoors. Important photobiological functions cannot be triggered with standard window glass (soda-lime silicate float glass). The Sunexx® glazing can customised and be made into TVG (heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass), ESG (thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass), VG (laminated glass), VSG (laminated safety glass), insulating glass (2-fold / 3-fold / 4-fold) to create ready-to-install glass solutions or filter panes for irradiation equipment.
The special glazing is based on the proven Sunexx sun filter technology, which protects against the harmful effects of UV light responsible for sunburn, skin cancer, accelerated skin ageing, formation of free radicals, MMP expression, DNA damage, metabolic changes. This unique protective effect enables entirely new ways and quality improvements in medical therapies and the safe use of healing and regulating sunlight - the oldest remedy.
In plants, for example, the health-promoting secondary metabolites can be formed in greenhouses and quality and yields can be increased.
Sunexx redefines the quality and yield of natural light in architecture and enables significant health-promoting added values. This is the case for living, recreational and working spaces as well as for terraces or conservatories.
With Sunexx technology, therapy rooms can be designed, irradiation devices and existing light, helio, photo and climate therapies can be optimised and made safer.

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