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STZ eyetrial at the Center for Ophthalmology

Studycenter of the eyehospital

STZ eyetrial at the Center for Ophthalmology, the study center of the Eye Hospital Tübingen, is a Steinbeis Transfer Center (STZ).
Our team conducts clinical studies of all phases and various diagnoses for and with patients and physicians of the Eye Hospital.
STZ eyetrial was founded by Professor Barbara Wilhelm in 2004, and Tobias Peters, MD, took over as director in the anniversary year 2019.

On average, we supervise more than 30 projects with a wide variety of focal points. These include studies according to AMG and MPG, IITs and in some studies we also act as CRO.

Our range of services includes:

  • Clinical studies of all phases
  • Studies with numerous diseases that affect the eye
  • Contact person for all study matters at the Center for Ophthalmology
  • Planning of studies at the center for Ophthalmology and other centers
  • Consultation in the selection of appropriate methods for various questions
  • Support of administrative and regulatory issues- Support of patient recruitment
  • Data management, statistical analysis, final scientific report
  • Instrument development and consulting

We conduct our studies strictly according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
Our Evicr.net certified SOP system guarantees high standards.

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