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Striatech GmbH

Striatech GmbH develops and distributes products in the field of vision research, based on innovative solutions from applied research.

We are a young company that spun off from the University of Tübingen at the beginning of 2018. The founders - a team of neurobiologists - are all active in retina research and have made it their common goal to make innovative ideas and products from visual and behavioural research accessible to scientists worldwide. With our products, we want to set standards in the biomedical market by offering easy handling with innovative analytical methods. To this end, we cooperate with renowned scientists from retina research and numerous physicians in order to be able to realize the needs and wishes of our users.

The understanding of vision and the healing of vision disorders are the primary goals of vision research. Basic and preclinical research for the development of ophthalmological drugs is usually carried out on rodents. For this field of application we have developed a reliable and objective device for measuring the vision of mice. This system, the OptoDrum, was developed out of the necessity to be able to examine many animals in a short time and independently of the performing experimenter. So far it was very laborious and time-consuming to analyze the corresponding reflex-controlled behavior of mice during such measurements. Our OptoDrum system automates this task. It provides objective results about their visual abilities, such as contrast sensitivity and spatial sharpness. Through interaction with numerous colleagues, it becomes clear that the OptoDrum system is becoming the innovation leader on the market and our customers all over the world are extremely satisfied with this novel approach.

For future extensions of our portfolio, we draw ideas and solutions from applied research and further develop them in cooperation to a marketable product.
To learn more about our products, please visit our website https://stria.tech/. We look forward to discussing your research needs further with you and will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote according to your needs.



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Dr. Boris Benkner (CEO)
Dr. Marion Mutter, MBA (CFO)
Dr. Thomas Münch (R&D)

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