Signatope GmbH

Signatope GmbH

SIGNATOPE develops highly sensitive quantitative protein tests to detect and monitor side effects of new medical entities in early stages of drug development.

SIGNATOPE`s tests are unique, since they function in many different species, covering practically all pharma-relevant animal models. Their use helps to speed up pre-clinical development and helps to avoid substantial risks and costs due to a later failure.

Harmful side effects which go undetected until late stages of drug development account for losses that can go into hundreds of millions. Early detection of unwanted effects is therefore imperative for efficient drug development. SIGNATOPE’s tests are suitable to analyze a wide range of biological liquids and tissues from many species used in pharmaceutical research and provide accurate results from minute sample quantities. SIGNATOPE offers a direct assay service to the pharmaceutical industry. Based on proprietary cross species antibodies, we can quantify a multitude of biomarkers in one sample by mass spectrometry. These antibodies bind to signature sequences which are conserved between different species. SIGNATOPE’s clients are R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies.

Perhaps the most valuable USP of SIGNATOPE’s technology platform is the capacity to develop novel custom made assays in a fraction of the time required by traditional Sandwich ELISA tests. This will enable our clients to better characterize their NMEs and consequently make faster progress in their R&D pipelines

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