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Reinhold Hummel GmbH+Co.KG is a small technology company which intends to introduce innovative technologies into horticulture/agriculture. In 1947 the company was founded as a horticultural business by Reinhold Hummel. Since its foundation, the focus of its activities has been the breeding and propagation of strawberries, especially designed for home gardening under the HUMMI brand. In 1975, it became one of the first commercial in vitro propagation laboratories in Germany specializing in the propagation of strawberry plants. Throughout these years, the knowledge and know-how acquired is being applied in scientific research projects, for example, the development of special valuable wood tree species or the use of mosses to reduce fine dust in the air or the improvement of indoor air. Furthermore, designing products for horticulture round off the area of activities. The combination of horticulture, biology and biotechnology, with many years of experience and a lot of curiosity are the basis for successful projects.

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