npi electronic GmbH

npi electronic GmbH

Electronic measuring instruments for the life sciences sector, drug-screening systems

Hans Reiner Polder founded npi in 1989 based on the method he developed to improve the measurement of intracellular signals. Using this newly-developed enhancement system, it was possible to improve the resolution capabilities of existing measuring systems. npi currently has a wide portfolio of products for recording bio-electrical signals. npi develops and sells numerous systems for use in fundamental medical, biological and drug research, such as voltage and patch clamp amplifiers, intra- and extracellular amplifiers, micromanipulators etc. The firm also offers products for drug screening and laboratory automation. npi electronic is a member of the Electrophysiology Innovation Partnership network.



Activity Biotechnology, Research, Development, Automation, Technology


Hannelore Polder
Hans Reiner Polder (M.Sc.EE)

Year of foundation