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Production of biological medical products: joint implants for regenerative cartilage treatment

The medical technology company meidrix biomedicals GmbH develops, produces and markets high-quality medical products for regenerative medicine.
Based on collagen technology developed over decades, implants are made from native and highly pure collagen solutions, especially for the regeneration of soft tissue defects, such as cartilage defects in joints.
The orthobiological products are hydrogel scaffolds made from extremely high-quality collagen solutions, which are variable in shape, size and thickness. For this reason, a wide range of defect treatments in large and small joints, such as knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, big toe and thumb base joints is possible.
These orthobiological matrices are used as a CE-certified class III medical product under the ChondroFiller® liquid product line for the arthroscopic or minimally invasive therapy of articular cartilage damage and its regeneration.
The patented ChondroFiller® liquid technology stands for gentle treatment using a unique two-chamber syringe method. In joints, the implant acts both as a cover and protection for the bone exposed under the defect site, and as a three-dimensional cell carrier matrix for the body's own cells, to enable them to migrate, multiply and thus regenerate the defective tissue. There is no need for a second operation for this one-step, arthroscopic procedure, as it is not necessary to remove tissue from the patient beforehand.
The method developed by meidrix of liquid defect filling with subsequent hardening of the implant directly in the defect is currently being used by over 200 clinics and affiliated doctors in Germany. Worldwide distribution takes place in over 25 countries across Europe and in Asia, China, India and South America. ChondroFiller® liquid has already been used successfully in over 14,000 patients. Our company ideology is to maintain the patient's quality of life through early regenerative treatment of joints to avoid endoprostheses. Our motto is: Improving collages. Improving Life.
In addition, meidrix conducts research and cooperation projects in the field of regenerative medicine, product development, life science and collagen matrix technology

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