med2market – Scientific marketing consulting

med2market – Scientific marketing consulting

Turn your scientific know how into market success in healthcare. Individual scientific marketing support

Can you be certain that your customers really understand what your product offers them? Although products benefit from technical innovation, innovation alone does not guarantee market success. Med2market supports you to identify optimal product claims that are scientifically accurate, making the difference for your customer.

I provide an interface between R&D and Marketing, both of which need to be aligned to accurately and efficiently communicate the benefit of your product. At med2market, I ask the essential questions: Are there other data available on your product that would substantiate better claims? Is there a need for additional research? Are you effectively using the existing literature to maximize your messaging?

What‘s in for you?

Optimization of product claims: making a difference, being relevant and scientifically accurate Utilization and combination of the creative potential in R&D and Marketing Scientific support Organization and management of clinical studies



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Dr. Dinah Murad

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