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Education in the fields of biotechnology, nutrition,  health, social affairs, social pedagogy

The Mathilde Weber School in Tübingen offers a broad range of schooling, including the possibility of obtaining a secondary general school certificate (Hauptschulabschluss), a secondary school certificate (Realschulabschluss) as well as an advanced technical college entrance qualification and the Abitur (university entrance diploma). In addition, the school also offers courses for accreditation as an educator. Vocational training to obtain a bachelor’s degree in social work organisation and leadership and the acquisition of additional qualifications at the MWS vocational school is also offered. The MWS has three grammar schools, one focusing on nutrition, social sciences and the other focusing on biotechnology. The nutrition-oriented grammar school teaches general education subjects along with nutrition and chemistry (6-hour profile course), data processing and economics. The biotechnology-oriented grammar school teaches general education subjects along with biotechnology (6-hour profile course), chemistry and special areas in the biosciences and bioinformatics.

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Working areas Education/ school, Biotechnology