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Our goal is to supply more people in more countries with clean drinking water

LEGIO-Group is specialised on water decontamination by means of ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Consisting of LEGIO-WATER GmbH and LEGIO.tools GmbH, LEGIO-GROUP offers since 1999 several systems and products to manage bacteriological drinking water pollution caused by legionella and other water germs. Aim is to refrain completely from chemical disinfectants.

LEGIO.tools GmbH produces and distributes water filters, which are either inserted in shower heads, installed at tap terminals or interconnected as inline filters. The membrane filters bacteria in a size category of 0,2 µm via microfiltration out of the water (legionella, pseudomonas etc.). Filters are disposable and used for acute or long-term demand. Long-time of use is up to 70 days.

LEGIO-Water GmbH produces and distributes water treatment plants and shower panels for permanent water decontamination. The systems are upstream of the drinking water collection point and permanently installed. Concept is ultrafiltration in the range of 0,02 µm via membrane technique. The membrane filters reliably bacteria and other small sediments out of the water. In comparison to conventional technology, filters cleanse themselves by interval flushing.

End customers: hospitals, swimming pools, sports clubs, dentists, nursing homes, hotels, public sector (e.g. German Bundeswehr, police) and private sector.

Certification: Filters are certified pursuant guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency, DVGW technical standard W270 and KTW-Guideline.

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