Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Esslingen

Education of schoolchildren

The Käthe Kollwitz School in Esslingen has around 800 pupils. The school brings together a large number of types of schooling under one roof, including a biotechnological grammar school, a grammar school focusing on nutrition, a vocational school focusing on nutrition and housekeeping, a dual vocational school focusing on social affairs (part-time) and two-year vocational schools (nutrition, gastronomy, nutrition and housekeeping, health and patient care, laboratory technology) as well as a vocational school focusing on housekeeping and social pedagogy.

In the 2001/2002 school year, Baden-Württemberg was the first German state to take account of the growing importance of biotechnology at grammar schools, which led to the establishment of "biotechnological grammar schools." The new course, as offered by the Käthe Kollwitz School in Esslingen, is designed to strengthen the profile of the natural sciences and to boost young people’s interest in biotechnology, a sector which looks to have a promising future. Biotechnology grammar schools offer a six-hour biotechnology profile course, which is complemented by bioinformatics, chemistry and special biosciences areas and practical courses.

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