ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH (ITVP)

ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH (ITVP)

ITV Denkendorf Product Service GmbH – Research and production of preproducts of medical devices

ITV Denkendorf Product Service GmbH – Research for industry

ITV Denkendorf Product Service GmbH (ITVP) develops and produces top-grade medical products for clinical applications. With a production depth ranging from raw materials to the end product, we see ourselves as a reliable partner and supplier for medical device manufacturers.

Research for Industry

With about 60 employees, we have a production area of approximately 2,000 m² and a clean room area of approximately 1,700 m² at our disposal. The ITVP is a subsidiary of the German Institute for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF) and was founded in 2001 by DITF.

In cooperation with the ITV Denkendorf and other renowned project partners, we are involved with numerous publicly sponsored research projects, such as the REGINA association and at EU level.


Medical technology

Activity Analytic, Biomaterials, Development, Research, Medical Products


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser

Authorized officer – Head Manager of Production and Development
Dr. rer. nat. Sven Oberhoffner

Year of foundation





ITVP finanziert sich durch den Verkauf von Vorprodukten für Medizinprodukte, Auftragsforschung- und Entwicklungen für Firmen, chemische und biologische Prüfungen, sowie Serviceangeboten.


DAkks Akkreditierung / DAkks Certificate
nach DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Bereich Biologische und Chemische Prüfungen
BSI Zertifikat für Herstellung und Entwicklung von Medizinprodukte nach DIN EN ISO 13485.