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Peptides for life

Intavis Peptide Services is a small but rapidly-growing biotech company that specializes in producing customized peptides for both laboratory and clinical research. At Intavis Peptide Services, we believe in the power of peptides to create new therapies for currently uncureable diseases.

Founded in the late 1990s Intavis Peptide Services (IPS) has around 30 years of experience in peptide synthesis. As a part of the Intavis Instruments corporation we initially synthesized peptides to validate analytical instruments. However, when the scientific and medical community realized the great potential of peptide drugs, such as Insulin and many more peptide-based blockbusters, Invtavis expanded their custom peptide synthesis division. Until today, IPS has contributed to many research projects and partnered with global companies. IPS provides comprehensive service around customized peptide synthesis –from project inception to final peptide-based medicinal product. Indeed, our products are also used in vaccine development and personalized cancer therapy.

Intavis Peptide Services blends hands-on experience, scientific knowledge and dedicated employees to a unique service offering for their customers. Our seasoned leadership team has decades of experience in the biotech and life science space and our partners support us with their expertise and network. Our reliability, effectiveness and customer focus earned us an excellent reputation in the custom peptide synthesis space.

IPS offers:

  • Customized peptides
    • For Laboratory research, incl. modifications, Peptide Assays, Peptide Arrays and Peptide Nucleic Acids
    • For Clinical Trials GMP-grade customized peptides, specifically in small scale for personalized, peptide-based medicinal products. (coming in 2024)
  • Not only can IPS produce the drug substance (i.e. GMP grade peptides) but also perform the fill and finish to produce the final drug product.
  • IPS can consult on peptide chemistry, medical applications of peptides, e.g. neoantigen cancer vaccines, regulatory affairs and project management

If you are working on/with peptides and…

  • a researcher in biomedical research
  • a clinician or office-based doctor
  • a biotech start-up entering the clinical stage

…we are your go-to CDMO.

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Working areas Biotechnology, Analytics, Development, Research, Consultancy, Production
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