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Chemical and microbiological analytics

Our institute offers competent, independent and qualified solutions for our customers’ problems. We work both regionally and locally!

The Institute Dr. Lörcher exists since 1980 and is located in Ludwigsburg. The founder, Dr. Klaus-Peter Lörcher, is a degreed chemist and has been publicly appointed and sworn expert for analytical chemistry, water, wastewater and waste material by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, region Stuttgart.

The institute, as a neutral and independent service contractor, is concerned with sampling, testing and judging water (drinking water, mineral water, swimming pool water and wastewater), as well as soil, air, building pollutants, inside air, mold, compost, fertilizers, and drinking water, which includes legionella. Furthermore we have a special department for analysis of dioxins and furans.

The institute is accredited according to the DIN EN ISO 17025 and notified by the State Baden-Württemberg (LUBW).

Mr. Dr. Klaus-Peter Lörcher is permitted to handle pathogens (§ 44 Infection Protection Act (IfSG)), and he is a licensed expert for testing officially restrained samples (§ 43 LFGB). The Institut Dr. Lörcher is permitted for testing according to § 14 AMG (Medicines Law).

Early 2008, the Institut Dr. Lörcher was recognized by the conformity assessment organization DIN CERTCO for the environmental compatibility control of artificial turf surfaces, and synthetic surfaces of outdoor facilities as well as the testing of Wood pellets made from natural wood used in household fires.

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