Early detection of infected seeds using DNA probe technology

With state-of-the-art biomolecular methods the young company IDENTXX meets the challenge to sustain and improve crop health. Only an exact and reliable identification of pathogens and resistances in seeds and plants can avoid crop damage and yield losses. IDENTXX develops tailor-made solutions in diagnostics for weed science and plant protection. Our services focus on the detection of plant pathogens and herbicide resistances, for which the latest biomolecular methods are applied. The methods are individually and continuously adapted to the problem at hand. The services of IDENTXX benefit clients in the sectors of agricultural production of arable and special crops as well as ornamentals. It may play a key role in improving seed production, plant breeding, development of plant protection products, and is targeting agricultural associations and public authorities. IDENTXX runs its own brand-new laboratory and greenhouses under the direction of experienced specialists. Hence, it enables the application of the latest biomolecular technologies in combination with classical greenhouse testing.



Activity Analytic, Biotechnology, Diagnostic, Genetics, Plants, Studies


Dr. Frank Brändle (Managing Director)

Year of foundation