Hutzel DrehTech GmbH

Hutzel DrehTech GmbH

Production of precision turned parts

The company was founded in 1948 by Gustav Hutzel. The present-day Hutzel group consists of five supplier companies: Hutzel DrehTech GmbH in Steinenbronn in Stuttgart, Hutzel-Seidewitztal GmbH in Liebstadt in Dresden, Hutz-EL s.r.o. in Klasterec n.O. in the Czech Republic, HandlingTech Automations-Systeme GmbH in Stuttgart, and Waldmann & Weigl GmbH in Stuttgart. The company manufactures ready-to-assemble precision turned parts from 1-200 mm in diameter and up to approximately 1000 mm in length from all machinable materials, including titanium and zirconium. The turned parts are primarily used in the automotive industry, medical technology (dental medicine, orthopaedics, hearing implant technology, and medical instruments), the armaments industry and mechanical engineering. In addition, HandlingTech develops automation solutions.



Activity Automation, Technology


Jochen Hutzel (Managing Director)

Year of foundation



310 (across all branches)