Process-oriented start-up consulting

EXZET, Zentrum für Existenzgründung und Unternehmensentwicklung (Centre for Company Foundation and Business Development), has a team of experienced, self-employed consultants who prepare start-up companies and established companies in different industrial sectors for the potential activities and requirements in all economic and sociopsychological issues related to company establishment and development. EXZET offers individual consulting, special seminars and workshops. In close cooperation with different partners, EXZET works towards improved conditions for company founders in Germany.

EXZET is accredited according to the quality standards for target-group-specific consulting set by the Deutsches Gründerinnen Forum (German Founder Forum). EXZET’s service spectrum includes all phases of company development. The company’s key competence is the development and provision of full service packages consisting of know-how, small loans and networking. EXZET’s modern network structure enables economic and sociopolitical interests to be seamlessly linked. Besides its partners, EXZET has a management board that is responsible for the management and organisation of the company. It is synonymous with lively vision, state-of-the-art leadership and management principles and efficient work- and project structures



Activity Consulting, Service


Oliver Förster
Rolf Dingethal