ExploSYS GmbH

ExploSYS GmbH

Simulation of biological systems

The three Explosys scientists work on the basis that even seemingly simple problems in public health are caused by complex, interacting factors and thus require customised solutions. Using mathematical models and computer simulations, they aim to create innovative and flexible solutions for precisely such problems. Of course, such models are also intended to advance fundamental research into epidemiological modelling.

Realistically-simulated infection outbreaks are intended to train physicians and people in positions of responsibility in how to bring potential epidemics under control through fast and efficient intervention. "InterSim" is a computer model that can authentically simulate the progress of a spreading infection. It enables recommendations to be derived for decision-makers, for example, those in public health roles. InterSim has since received multiple awards, including the "Special Prize for Open Source Software" in October 2004 from the Business Initiative Baden-W├╝rttemberg: connected (bwcon).

A simulator, based on InterSim, was developed following a commission from the BGMS (German Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security) and is currently being used by the Robert Koch Institute to develop efficient interventional strategies for epidemics.

The "Influenza-Pandemic-Planning-Simulator" InfluSim enables the prediction of the temporal course of an influenza pandemic. The software can be downloaded here

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