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Process technology and process engineering - planning, software development and installation in perfect harmony

Would you have expected erler gmbh's automation and robotics solutions to be used in the production of many everyday products? Whether for disinfectants, building materials or security locks - in line with the motto "deeds produce successes", our forward-looking technologies and solutions help customers from a wide range of industries to produce top quality at economical prices.
erler gmbh is a value-based family company based in Dormettingen on the edge of the Swabian Alb in southern Germany. As a family business, we take responsibility and we are committed with all our strength. The essence and purpose of our company is that our customers are best equipped for the production of the future with erler automation solutions. In this way, we can ensure the maintenance of the manufacturing industry in Europe.

Process engineering

A complex working environment usually prevails in process engineering and process technology. Different plants are mostly interdependent: The demands on the technology that brings everything together at the control station are correspondingly complex. At erler, we know how to make such environments controllable - with secure interfaces and transparent control systems. This applies to plant control systems as well as to process control technology.
With our selected control systems and software standards, we meet the documentation and quality requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Also we offer precisely tailored solutions in terms of resource efficiency. Quality assurance and increased productivity, manufacturing companies remain competitive in the age of intelligent manufacturing.
It goes without saying that we also plan, install and support control concepts for plants in clean room environments as well as in ATEX areas.

  • Plant controls
  • Production control station
  • Factory control station
  • Process control engineering
  • Batch production
  • Continuous production
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Services
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