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BlueLab Wasseranalysesysteme GmbH

Automatic, fast and reliable quantification of Legionella in water

BlueLab has developed a unique technology that allows automated onsite legionella testing of water systems, and provides continuous risk monitoring for legionella growth factors. The solution refers to water systems in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, industrial and public buildings. The technology is integrated in a device that is installed on-site at sampling points. Once installed testing does not require access to buildings or sampling points. The device communicates wireless with the BlueLab server, and provides users real-time transparency on the status of monitored water systems.

German drinking water legislation enforces regular legionella monitoring of domestic water systems with the water intended for public use including residential buildings. EU has announced to revise its drinking water directive and include legionella monitoring. With its unique solution BlueLab contributes to public health and to digitization of real estate and property management.

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