BizProLeap UG

Healthcare | Life Science | Business Development

BizProLeap provides business development opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises, willing to explore their international growth potential with a low technology effort and with little costs. BizProLeap brings solutions to the market that minimizes hurdles for international marketing and sales. We provide lead and continuous support towards growth, sales, establishing international network, find expertise abroad, validate your products and opportunities in another market.

Being located in center of Europe and positioned in heart of healthcare, life science and medtech industry, BizProLeap is committed to use its international reach, collaborations, lean business intelligence and business development techniques to transform healthcare & Life Science business industry for medium and small businesses.

Our deep industry knowledge with introduction and maximum utilization of business intelligence to lead research, design, and marketing to develop and execute world-class communications empowers companies to keep right focus for innovations and position internationally for maximum reach.

Category Services
Working areas Consultancy, Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Services
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